Monday, May 17, 2010


Tomorrow I have a day completely off from going anywhere, which hasn't happened in quite awhile. I am planning on getting up in the morning and cleaning my room. It is really messy and I hate it, because my room is so pretty when it's clean.

Yesterday I bought a few new things at the thrift store that I am excited about. A new summer purse and a dress I am calling my Nancy Drew dress. Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to take pictures of them to show you. Maybe if I get my room done soon enough I will even have an entire Nancy Drew inspired fashion post. We'll see.

Something else I need to get to work on is my series of posts for the Peter Pan event. I love Peter Pan and I am really excited, and I have to get the posts done pretty soon because I am going to be out of town during that very week. I still want to participate, so I am going to get my posts all ready and have my sister get on and publish them for me. : )


I just love my new blog design! I keep getting on just to look at it, especially the lovely word cloud thing on the right. It has a lot of my favorite authors and books in it. And the header with its matching blog button are fantastic. And the beautiful blue button on the right with the quote "Life is a series of short stories pretending to be a novel," which is the quote that inspired the name of my blog in the first place.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see your dress! Any outfit that seems somewhat vintage is always interesting to me. I'm also looking forward to the Peter Pan event - I have a few ideas, but I really should hurry up and decide the posts I want to do, too!

"Life is a series of short stories pretending to be a novel."

That quote is so true - I find it amazing when I read books how similar my life seems to them in some ways. :)


Sangu said...

Haha I love your new blog design too! That world cloud is amazing and I wish I could steal it :)

Oh, I also wanted to thank you for your interest in my blogfest! And to let you know that I've changed the signup format (sorry), so could you please head on over and sign up using the sheet in the sidebar?

Sorry about this, I just think the signup sheet would make everyone's entries more easily accessible to other readers!

Hannah grace said...

Oh, i Love Nancy Drew!!