Monday, May 24, 2010

Robin Hood

I watched the first season of Robin Hood this weekend! It was really good. I was a little worried at first because there's a mildly inappropriate scene near the beginning, but it was the only thing of that kind (that I can remember) in the series. It was surprisingly clean compared to most shows. It had a lot of action/adventure type fighting in it, but most of the real violence was only threatened and never carried out.

I liked the modern feel the show has. Some of the costumes are very modern looking, but usually they look like they could have been found in that time period. For example, Robin Hood wears a green hooded sweatshirt. The cut looks like a modern hoodie, but it's a rough looking woven fabric. I love that.

My sister has given me two lovely pillowcases to make a (hopefully) lovely apron out of, like the one I made for myself in this post. Tomorrow afternoon I will try to get to work on that. I've had a cold this weekend and I have to go to work tomorrow morning, so I hope that won't wear me out too much.



Marian said...

I'm glad you liked Robin Hood! It's one of my favourite TV series. I usually don't like "modern takes on classics", but in Robin Hood, it's consistent, and I actually like it. Season 2 is really good, too!

Celine said...

thank you for reviewing! I've been wondering 'bout it, but there's no rating, and no one's reviewed it. :(
I hope to see it soon! Thanks again!

Sangu said...

I love the Robin Hood series! Oh, Jonas Armstrong. *swoon*

I agree with Marian, Season 2 is really good too, until the absolutely ridiculous ending in the finale (won't say any more, I promise).

Season 3 isn't worth watching, it got so bad.