Sunday, May 2, 2010

Regency doll dress

Here are pictures of a doll dress I made several years ago. It was the second one I ever made, and I sewed it entirely by hand. It's kind of interesting to look at it now, because I've gained a lot of skill since then. In these pictures, the fabric looks white, but actually it's sort of a light golden color.

If you're wondering why there's a big ugly patch of fabric on the back, it's because I forgot to leave room to overlap the sides to add hooks and eyes, so I had to put on this flap thing. It turned out really big and crooked because I was sewing it by hand.

I crocheted this shawl to go with it.

The inside is unfinished because I didn't know to fold under my hems or anything, so it's all fraying now.

Still, I think it looks pretty good for something I made up. I didn't have a pattern.

And with the shawl, it looks even better because it covers up the ugly back.

So there's my doll dress failure, hopefully the ones I am going to make this week will be better!



Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

That's so lovely!

I've tried to do stuff like that for my barbies, but the stiches always fall apart, or SOMETHING else happens.
Oh well.

Thanks for the inspiration!



Amber said...

Inspiring. So cute...I think you have talent girl :)