Saturday, May 15, 2010

Catching up

I just thought I should check in since I haven't posted in four days. Sorry about that!

I finished the semester completely on Wednesday! I am so glad to have a break. It's nice to be able to relax. I keep feeling guilty like I should be doing homework, and then I remember that I don't have any homework!

I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I really want to share with you guys because I'm excited... I got A's in all four of my classes! I'm so happy about that. I thought I might be getting a B in history, because the last quiz was really hard, but I pulled through in the final.

On Thursday I slept in, which was lovely, then I took my brother Kevin to his Bible study. They meet at Hy-vee, because they have a salad bar and other buffet food there. I sat at a table with some coffee and worked on my book while I waited for him. I came up with a whole new idea for part of the plot that was giving me trouble. I may not end up using it, but at least it got me started thinking of possibilities.

Friday our whole family went to the amusement park! It was so fun. I am not really a big ride person, so I didn't go on very many things, but I loved the ones I did go on. They have a new roller coaster there that I rode because it didn't have a very big hill at the beginning. I don't like big hills.
I don't know what I was expecting, but I did not know that it would be so intense. It went really, really fast! I didn't scream the entire time, I just had my mouth open in shock. : )

After that long day we came home and cleaned up and Kevin and I went to a friends house to watch movies and play games. I was tired, but I love spending time with my friends, so it was worth it.

And today, I went to work from 8:00 to 5:00, then came home and got on the computer.

So now you are all caught up. I will try to start posting consistently again. I also have it written on my schedule to work out the details of my blog event. I know I have been telling you I'll do this for a few months, but be patient, I'll stop procrastinating eventually. : )


Be sure to check out the ongoing story on Notes From Elven Princesses. The plot is really coming together I think. My posts are all the ones called Briony.


Lady Gwenea Zestia Binn said...

an amusement park?


samarah said...

thanks for following my blog! :D
Love in Christ,
Samarah ♥

faithngracegirl said...

I'm very glad that you got such good scores! You must've worked hard and I'm glad that it paid off. Happy summer break to you, Jane!


Faith said...

I awarded you on my blog!