Friday, June 11, 2010

Pirate fashion

Inspired by the world of Peter Pan, I've put together a pirate-y look that you can wear everyday!

Start with basic jeans and a white tunic top.
(J.C. Penny, jeans $17.99-$19.99, tunic top $19.99)
Tuck the jeans into some tall, buckled boots, and put on a loose vest over the tunic top.
(Boots- Old Navy $17.99) (Vest- J.C. Penny $14.99)

Add a wide, buckled belt over the vest.
(J.C. Penny, $13.99 each)

Then, to accessorize, add a cuff bracelet...

(J.C.Penny, left $11.99, right $9.99)

Or maybe some bangles...
(J.C. Penny, $12.99)

And, of course, you need a scarf to tie in your hair, pirate style.

(Kohl's, $12.00)

Have fun!



Mackenzie Evans said...

I love this look! I gotta find a way i could wear it. :)

Atlanta said...

great look! I love the belts especially!