Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goodbye for now

Unless something really exciting happens tomorrow, or if I really just get the urge to post about some random subject, this will be my last post until next Saturday, June 12th. My brother and I are leaving on Sunday afternoon for Worldview Academy Leadership Camp. We will be home again on Friday evening, and on Saturday I will be posting multiple times for the Make Believe blog event. Well, right now I have three posts ready, and I am going to try to make some more tomorrow, but I'm running out of time to do all that I wanted to.

I also need to have a synopsis written for my writing group meeting, which is the Monday after I get back. I am not sure how to do that because I really don't have a plot for my next book yet. Right now it's just a concept with a lot of ideas randomly thrown in. There is a half plotline for my side character, but I still have absolutely no idea what in the world my main character is doing the whole time. Is that strange?

Well, it is based on Sleeping Beauty, and the side character is the princess, so that's why her plot was a lot easier to figure out than the other.


Grace said...

Dear Jane,
You have an award waiting for you at my writing blog:! Hope you enjoy and your trip goes well!

Alexx said...

Good Bye, Jane!

Alexx =>

Sangu said...

Sounds fun, I love fairytale retellings and stuff like that!