Friday, June 11, 2010

Fairy fashion

Disney's imagining of what Tinkerbell would wear. I think they could have done better.

The book Peter Pan never really tells us what fairies wear in that world, so to dress like Tinkerbell, we have to use our imaginations.
What do you think a fairy would wear? I think of soft, flowing fabrics, ruffles and trims, and natural colors. I think a real fairy would wear a dress made from flower petals and stitched with spider silk, but we have to settle for the next best thing if we want to dress as a fairy would.
Here is my favorite fairy look, from Magnolia Pearl,

This look is a little bit over the top to wear as a real style, but it would be great for costuming for a play or a movie, or just for fun. How about a fairy look you can wear in real life?
These dresses from Anthropologie have a soft feminine fairy look to them.

Wear a dress like this with some leggings and boots and you can look like a fairy every day, and be stylish too.
The last dress, the one that is a lovely coral color, sells for $138.00 at Anthropologie. You can make a similar-looking dress with a few yards of jersey fabric and a minimal amount of sewing knowledge, using this tutorial.

It is called the infinity dress, because there are infinite different ways to wear it. I have not tried this yet, but I want to. (I would wear a t-shirt underneath for modesty.)

If you don't want to sew something, here are some affordable pieces from Walmart and Payless that could be put together into a fairy-like outfit.

Ruffled dress with pretty green shirt underneath.
(Walmart, dress $9, shirt $10)

Wear with leggings...
(Walmart, $10)
And comfortable boots.
 (Payless, $29.99)

Maybe tie a scarf around your waist as a belt.
(Payless, $12.99)

You probably already own pieces that would work for a fairy outfit. Look through your closet for an old skirt you never wear, scraps of fabric that would work as scarfs, ruffled shirts or dresses, and start layering! Try combinations that you normally wouldn't wear, and you might come up with something good. Have fun!



Mackenzie Evans said...

My nickname actually is "insert color here" fairy because i tend to wear a lot of bright colored flowing skirts and i guess i look like a fairy! :) love that style!

Atlanta said...

wow! I love your style choices! Great post!