Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Jonas Brothers

I know there are many differing opinions on the popular pop band the Jonas Brothers, most of them either adoring or hating, and in this blog post I will attempt to tell you my honest opinion.

I really like the Jonas Brothers.

I know, it's so shocking. Before you decide I am a silly obsessed teenage girl, here are my reasons.

First of all, I honestly enjoy their music. There are some songs I don't like, either for their silly lyrics or bad vocals, but there are a lot that I think are really well written and well performed. They have a unique sound that sometimes has a retro feel to it, and they don't sound like a typical boy band. Some of their lyrics are really clever, although they do sing about love too much. The members of the band are old enough for those songs, but the mostly preteen audience is a little young I think.
Their music videos are really cute as well, and again, many of them have a cool retro feeling to them. For example, take a look at this video. It follows a love story of a young couple in the 1940's, framed by the couple's grandchildren looking through a photo album. This is also one of my favorite songs by them.

Another thing I like about them is that they don't take themselves too seriously. I used to think that Joe was rather stuck up, based on how he takes center stage when they perform, but I like him a lot better after watching their television show, Jonas. I love that show. They are humble enough to tease themselves and have fun with each other.
I think of all the shows on the Disney channel right now, this one is the least centered on chasing girls and general worldliness. There is some of that in there, but it is definitely less prominent. Unlike Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place, the main characters generally try their hardest to do the right thing and make good choices. The importance of family is stressed, and the brothers are always helping each other and working together. They are on the same side. That is a rare thing on a Disney show. Usually it is portrayed as being perfectly natural to be in constant opposition to your siblings. That is one of the things I find refreshing about this show and about the Jonas Brothers.

Another thing I enjoy is their sense of style. Sometimes they do wear hideous outfits, (especially Joe) but most of the time they have a very classic, retro sense of style. They wear sharp suits, vests, dress shirts, sunglasses, bow ties and 70's style pencil ties, and other vintage looking outfits. Even their hair sometimes looks retro, in a James Dean kind of style. Again, that is not the attire of a typical boy band. They are unique, and they know what they like and go with it. They aren't popular because they are a typical pop band, they are popular because they are different and new.

There is one final point I would like to make, in the form of a rhetorical question.

Should I decide I don't like the Jonas Brothers for the sole reason that preteens do like them?

I feel like that is why many people don't like them. Teenagers tend to take one look at the screaming crowd of preteen girls and immediately say they do not like that band, just to distance themselves from that younger audience. I think if you are going to say you don't like something, you should have real reasons and at least give it a try before you decide.

And, if you do like something, there is no reason to be ashamed of the fact just because other people who like it are young kids. If you do like a band or a television show, you shouldn't pretend like you don't.
I am not saying you should like the Jonas Brothers or not, just decide for yourself instead of relying on popular opinion.

So, what do you honestly think of the Jonas Brothers, and why? I would love to hear what you think, as long as you have a real opinion on them and are not just disliking them because you think they are for little kids.




Allison Elizabeth said...

Miss Jane,
The following words come from a self-avowed Jo-bro anti-fan... just FYI. :)

But you have caused me to reconsider.

Honestly, when the Jonas brothers first became super popular, I was tooootally against them, and to a certain degree I still am.

But, truly, they themselves have done a pretty decent job of being... well, decent. Not to say I agree with everything they do or say, but when I first heard they were "Christians", I was just like, "Oh Great. Another set of losers that will start out as 'Christians' and then shame us!". But they really haven't.

Still, it does not change the fact that I am reeeeaaalllyyy not into their style of music. However, I am not so "Anti-Jonas" any more.

kudos to you for admitting you like the Jo-bros! ♥

BTW, I actually really, really liked that lovebug video.

Allison Elizabeth♥

Sangu said...

You have an award at my blog!

Mackenzie Evans said...

I like the JoBros too. Not a huge fan (since there vocals are lacking a bit) but they seem to be genuine. So far, unlike other self proclaimed Hollywood Christians, they've actually stuck to their morals. I was also really happy for Kevin when he got married!

I do like some of their songs cause they're just so cute. I have a fondness for "When You Look Me in the Eyes" because it was the first song my fiance( who was then just a "good friend") slow danced, and I totally fell even harder for him during it, lol. :)

Yeah, the hating just because fans are silly I don't get.