Sunday, June 27, 2010


Since not very many people have commented with book title suggestions, I thought I would post a few of my own.
Hmm, how about...

Faith and Fortune


Truth and Trouble

Sparkle and Speculation



I know these aren't very good but let me know what you think of them, and please comment with your own ideas! I would love to hear them!



Marian said...

I really like "Regrets", as well as "Optimism for Beginners" which another commenter suggested. You could also name it after an important house or place in the story, or even after the hero character's first name. :)

Anonymous said...

How about... "Will the Crazy Chickens never come?"

I don't think you'll like it, but i couldn't come up with anything else

Tarissa said...

My favorites of the titles you posted would be...
Faith and Fortune
Truth and Trouble

I would also like Sparkle and Speculation, but I think in order for that to work, the first word of the title needs to be 1 syllable long (just like Faith & Truth or Pride & Sense are).

Like I mentioned above, I also like simply the girl's name, Adelaide.