Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Work of His Hands

Wasn't it a beautiful day? Ever since Sunday when I posted the verse of the week I have been noticing the sky. It really does proclaim the work of His hands. It is just simply amazing.

Have you ever really looked at the sky? Think about it. It is always such a beautiful color, and it is always changing. Today it was almost periwinkle. God didn't have to give us the blessing of color. He could have just as easily made everything black and white and we wouldn't have known the difference.

What if sight didn't exist at all? What if we had been born into a world of darkness and never knew that there was another diminsion we weren't experiencing? And all of your friends and families grew up the same way, never knowing what the world looks like? Imagine that.
Now imagine suddenly being able to see. Suddenly you are in a different world and there is more than you ever could have imagined. Things your brain simply couldn't comprehend before because it hadn't experienced them.
I think that is what heaven will be like for us. There are probably other colors and senses we can't possibly imagine with our minds here on Earth. Isn't that exciting?


This is my thirtieth post, and I have ten followers! I'm so happy, thank you everyone for reading! I promise when I get twenty followers I will host an event or a contest, something really fun. If you like my blog tell your friends so we can get there faster. : )


Amber said...

Oh, ya I forgot...now you have 11 followers! Yay :)

Amber said...

After reading the first post on your (amazing) blog, I already knew I loved you!! (Hope that doesn't sound weird!) This is exactly what I was thinking about today. The sky. Senses. Heaven..everything. God is so good!

-Bess- said...

Great post! Thought provoking! =) I hope you get 20 followers soon! =)