Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: Saint Patrick's day

Faded Glory
Well, today was supposed to be fashion inspiration day. I actually had an elaborate post I was working on about recreating an expensive Anthropology outfit for under one eighth of the price, but then the photo collage maker I was using stopped working, and I can't use the picture from the Anthropology website like I planned. So that post will have to wait. : (
Instead, here are a few green things I like in honor of Saint Patrick's day.
Above: "The Clover Dress", $98 (Left) and "The Daisy Dress", $78 (Right) both from

Above: "The Bella Swing Dress", $98 (Left), and "The Gretel Dress", $74 (Right), both from

The Red Dress Shoppe is really amazing, they have some nice vintage reproductions. It is expensive, but if you wait they sometimes put things on sale for resonable prices.
And that's all I have for you! I'm terribly sorry about such a short post. Once I figure out what I'm doing it will get better.

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Faith said...

wow! i love those dresses!
its funny. there green, you know, for saint patricks day, but you got them off the red dress shop!