Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 things to do on a rainy Saturday

1. Rent the first season of your favorite show and snuggle in to watch it with your siblings or a friend. A miniseries like Pride and Prejudice or Wives and Daughters is always a good option. Mint oreos and hot tea are a must.

2. Create an elaborate treasure hunt or mystery game. I usually make up a character first and dress up in a costume and then go to the other kids for help. Last time I was a girl whose great-grandfather had been a pirate and had left a trail of clues to his treasure. We put a sign on the living room door and it became the antique mall. The computer room became a law office and the kitchen was a restaurant. If anyone is interested I will post all the clues and surrounding story sometime.

3. Get out your camera and make a movie! Do costumes and makeup and come up with a basic plot, then start filming. The sillier it turns out the better. My brother Kevin and I once made a movie about identical twins. One of the twins showed up unexpectedly and caused trouble for his brother, pretending to be him and messing everything up. Kevin played both of them (the only two characters in the movie) and just put on a different jacket when he was the other twin.

4. Play pictionary telephone. Here's how you play:
Everyone needs several small pieces of paper. Sit in a circle around a table.
First, eveyone writes a phrase down on a piece of paper. Ex. "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
When everyone is ready, pass all the papers one space to your left.
Now everyone looks at the phrase on their new paper, and draws a picture of what it says. For the example above, you could draw a sad person, who then makes lemonade and is smiling at the end.
Then when everyone has drawn a picture, you pass the phrase and the picture to the left. (The original phrase should be covered up so the person can only see the picture.)
Now everyone has to look at the picture, and write a phrase of what it looks like. Ex. "Lemonade makes people happy."
Continue this process until the stack of papers gets back to the person who wrote the original phrase. Then everyone takes turns looking at the progression of their message and laughing at the pictures.

5. Play dress up. My sisters and I like to get out a huge pile of dress up clothes and let each other pick out the outfits we will wear. They especially like to pick out my costume and make it really silly. Letting them do your makeup is very scary but has some fun results. : )

Hope you enjoy these suggestions! Let me know which you like the best.
What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy Saturday?



Becca said...

You are the most awesome big sister ever.

Amber said...

Oh, I can't choose!! I love em all. Umm, I guess I like to do the usual thing and stay inside and read! Tea sounds good right now :) Mmmm, and mint cookie thingys!

Sangu said...

Those are some great ideas. My favourite thing to do on a rainy weekend is to curl up in/on my bed and read a really great book! Can't begin to describe how amazing this is. Or, alternatively, hang out with my boyfriend. Play board games. Blog. I love blogging when there's not much else to do.


-Bess- said...

Great ideas! =)
My favorite thing is...
Depends on what's going on, so.. watching tv, creating, chatting with a pal on the phone, reading, blogging =).