Saturday, March 20, 2010


Today is the first day of spring, but it doesn't really feel like it. It started snowing last night and hasn't stopped. We still had our tea parties and pretended it was nice outside. I wore a skirt and high heels, which wasn't a very smart choice because they got snow in them.

The tea table at the library.

Blueberry tea!
The yellow ribbon and buttons were for a craft we did. They had little glue dots for the buttons and we stuck them on the ribbon in a pattern we liked then tied it around our wrists with a big bow. It was so simple, but it looks really pretty.

This is at my sister's house now for our second tea party. It's a big bowl of chopped cucumbers for the cucumber salad. We found this recipe online and it turned out to be really yummy.

2 cups chopped cucumbers
3 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup mayonnaise
add lots of dill and a little salt

We ate ours on rye cocktail bread, but it was good on normal white bread too.
(I don't remember where we got the recipe, sorry!)

My sweet sister, Ashley.

Besides the cucumber sandwiches, we had mint oreos, mini banana muffins and blueberry muffins, and lots of different kinds of tea. After tea we watched The Importance of Being Earnest. Our friend hadn't seen it before, so it was fun to watch it again with her. I love that movie.

Here are some pictures I took the other day for my character inspiration post. I found an actual quote from the book and based a modern outfit on that description.

Inspired by Rose from Eight Cousins:
...a pretty Gabrielle dress, of a soft warm shade of brown, coming to the tops of a trim pair of boots with low heels. A seal-skin sack, cap, and mittens, with a glimpse of scarlet at the throat, and the pretty curls tied up with a bright velvet of the same colour, completed the external adornment, making her look like a robin redbreast—wintry, yet warm. ~Eight Cousins, Chapter 18


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-Bess- said...

Happy (snowy =) spring! I love tea parties, but never get to have much of that kind of fun often. Cute outfit - I love how you used the book for inspiration. Books (good books) are just grand, aren't they?
Love from your sis in Christ,