Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today is Wednesday: fashion day!
I was looking around on and was inspired by this apron:
Here is a link to the page.
Yes, that's an apron. It wraps around the back and ties in front. There's a pattern to download for it on the site, but I hate using patterns. They just take too much precision and patience for me. : )
So I am thinking about making this apron without any pattern. I think it would be easy enough. I found this tutorial for making pleats that I could use. I always thought pleats were really difficult, but this makes it look easy.
In fact, this pleat-making tutorial is inspiring me to finish making a Civil War skirt I started on last year. I spent forever painstakingly measuring and marking where the pleats should go, and then it still just wasn't working right. Plus it took me forever to sew all those pleats individually. I never thought of sewing the pleats directly onto the waistband! (And this shows how much I know about sewing... pleats are apparently almost always done directly into the waistband!)
Anyway, if I find time this week I will make this apron (or maybe a Civil War costume) and post pictures!



Amber said...

Oh, please do!! That apron looks so adorable! Different than anything I've seen!

Marian said...

That's a really cute apron! I can't wait to see your pictures. =) Someday I'd like to make a mid-1800's costume, too.