Friday, September 10, 2010

The Storm

The wind that screeches takes its toll
On fence post flying, hits the wall
Waves of clouds like sea-foam roll
Blinding drops on pavement fall

Inside we shiver under cover
The lion in the chimney roars
Afraid of fear that we discover
Light a candle, lock the doors

Out the window is a darkness
Shot with sparks of blinding day
One brave one stands as a witness
Inside glass they watch and pray

The wind is falling, sweeping gently
Thunder, laughing, swiftly wanes
The rain falls on the window lightly
Teardrops whisper down the panes



Bree said...

That was beautiful, Jane! I especially love the last part.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is absolutely lovely. The rythm and flow of words is grand; I was swept away, right into the storm.

^.^ I loved it.

Tarissa said...

Beautiful. This poem is lovely.... great job! So descriptive. I just love it!