Sunday, September 26, 2010

Conversation with a character

Well, my dear readers, I have neglected you once again. I am really terribly sorry. I was stressed out all week about the history test, which is finally over now. I feel like I did pretty well. I knew all the fill in the blank question, and I barely even had to look at the word bank for those. Then there were short answers, which weren't too hard. My grade on those depends on what the teacher was looking for and how much detail she wanted. Then there was the essay.

She gave us three essay questions on our study guide, with one of them being on the test. I studied all three, but I really felt like I could answer the first one more throughly, so I was hoping that would be the one. And it was! I was so excited when I saw which question it was. I think I answered it well, I just can't wait to see what my grade is.

Ok, enough about school.

I am writing again! Well, sort of. I have had this character living in my head for quite awhile. She is a young person, living on her own, and she works at a bookstore. She practically runs the place and she's hoping to own it one day but she doesn't have enough money. She is lonely but won't admit it, and she has a great sense of humor. She is also trying to write a novel, but since she doesn't own a computer she is writing it out in notebooks.

Anyway, I discovered something interesting about her today that may be the opening of a plot.

Me: "You know, I've never asked you where your family is. Why do you live all alone?"

She, quietly: "I don't know where my family is."

Me: "What do you mean? Did you have an argument and break off ties with them? That doesn't seem like you..."

She: "No, I mean I really don't know where they are. They disappeared a few years ago."

Me: *Stunned silence*

She: "It was a few months after I moved out. I went home one day to stay over for the weekend and they weren't there. All of their things were still in the house, and the car was in the driveway, but they were gone."

Me: "What did you do?"

She: "Well, I tried calling their phones, but they wouldn't answer. So I went to the police and they said they would investigate, but they didn't seem terribly concerned. I didn't know what else to do. Ever since then I've been trying to save up to pay a private detective to find them but I'm barely making enough to live on, so I haven't gotten very far."

Me: "..........." *Speechless*

So, now I am excited that this character has potential for a plot. I want to help her find her family! This revelation gives her a lot more depth as a character, and now I really want to write this book.


P.S. This is post #150!


Gina said...

How exciting!

Tarissa said...

What a lovely conversation!

If only I could take the time to talk with my characters like that.

Marian said...

Sounds like a great book; I would definitely read it! :) It was fun reading your conversation, too. That kind of happened to me and one of my characters not too long ago; I started thinking about what his motives were for being heroic, and then it all made sense, lol.

Sangu said...

Ooooh, I love it when this happens. It often happens to me - character in my head will suddenly present me with one (or a million) plot options. It's so exciting!