Saturday, July 24, 2010


For some reason I have been really uninspired this summer. I really do want to write more posts on this blog, but I just don't feel strongly enough about anything right now to write about it, because I haven't been doing much reading. Usually during the summer I read deeper books, classics, but this summer I've just been so lazy. The past few years I've tackled a Dickens novel during the summer, but I just don't have the bravery to dive into one this year. (I love Dickens, by the way, his novels just get a little too complicated for my wandering brain. I am easily distracted and I don't like to keep track of lots of characters.)

So, until I feel inspired by literature again, I'll just continue to post random snippets of my life and hope that I still have readers by the end of the summer. : )

Today I slept in, ate waffles, went swimming, watched Peter Pan and ate kettle corn. It was lovely.

I have a song stuck in my head that plays on the Christian radio station. It's by Group 1 Crew. The lyrics are beautiful.

Take me away
Save me from myself and all I do
Cause life just ain't the same when I'm with you
I can climb the sky
You've got me walking on the stars
Now, I can see my life from way up high

And now the troubles I once knew I left behind
I can climb the sky
You've got me walking on the stars.

I just made this picture on, it is actually my silhouette.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know how uninspired feels. :( Hopefully we'll get inspired again soon. :)

Amber Noella said...

Well, I love your blog so I hope you're not having thoughts on getting rid of it!

I am sorta lazy this summer too. I haven't found an interest to do any reading, but with school coming along, I'm sure it will come back.

Take care! Oh, and your morning sounds VERY lovely!

Moe said...

I know the feeling... thing is, I've got schoolwork too! I'll still be reading so you'll still have me ;)!