Thursday, July 22, 2010

Change of plans

Well, I have changed my mind once again. You all probably think I'm very wishy-washy. I wanted to do a blog event in early August, but now I think I will cancel that plan until further notice. I have a few different reasons for this decision.

1. I am ridiculously busy right now. I have to write for this blog and the two story blogs I'm a part of, I am planning a birthday party for someone in our church, I need to finish getting all signed up for the fall semester of school, and I really need to finish editing my novel eventually. Those are just a few examples of all the multitudes of things I need to be doing instead of making a blog event. : )

2. There is another blog event going on in August that I am excited to participate in! Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden is doing an Alice in Wonderland event! Isn't that a wonderful idea? I loved that movie and I am really looking forward to coming up with some great posts for this.

3. I think if I am going to do a blog event, I would have to do it during the winter, because I just feel so lazy when it's this hot outside! All I want to do is sit around inside and read fluffy books and drink iced tea. I just don't have the motivation to think of posts and make it interesting. : )

Let me know if you plan to participate in the Almost Alice event, I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's posts.


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Sangu said...

I don't think you're wishy-washy at all! Real life and being busy can so easily get in the way of blogging, so I can understand that perfectly!