Monday, July 26, 2010

Robin Hood season 3

Warning, there are spoilers below for BBC's Robin Hood series. : )

I am now on season three of Robin Hood, and I am really enjoying it. I heard a lot of bad things about season three and I almost decided not to watch it, but I'm not sure why it was so disliked by everyone. I actually think that this is my favorite season so far.
The difference could be that most people liked Marian and I didn't. I don't miss her at all. In fact, I think that the show is a lot better without her. I feel bad saying that, but I couldn't enjoy the first two seasons because I hated the way she flip flopped between Robin and Guy. I just wanted her to be honest and stop torturing poor Sir Guy like that. The man was so confused. She would flirt with him to get what she wanted, then she would all of a sudden want to have nothing to do with him. 
I really like this season. There is more at stake, the rivalry between Guy and Robin seems more real after what happened, the fight scenes are more intense. I love that the Sheriff and Guy finally turned against each other. It was bound to happen.
I already know how the whole thing ends, but I am excited to see how we will get there.


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Sangu said...

To be honest, I loved Marian and I loved Robin Hood when she was there, so I didn't like Season 3 at all. It wasn't so much that Marian wasn't there: I think it could have been done well even without her. But I think introducing Kate and making her Robin's new love interest was disgusting and completely made a mockery of his grief for Marian. So I guess I just lost interest because the characters weren't the ones I loved anymore.

That said, I do love the way Guy turned on the Sheriff, and the last moments of the finale were great!