Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Writing groups and a possible event idea

Tonight I went to a meeting of the fiction writers support group at my library. It was my first time, and unfortunately they aren't doing it anymore after the next meeting, but I kind of accidently volunteered to start a community writing group for the summer. That should be fun.
One really great idea that stood out to me from this meeting was to keep a tape recorder with you and dictate stories into it when you're driving. You can type it up later. This is perfect for me, because I do this anyway without recording it. I am constantly writing snippets of scenes in my head but never writing them down later. And I talk to myself all the time, so it would be easy to get used to. : )
It's amazing how one meeting with other writers can really help motivate you to write. I call myself a writer, and I'm full of good ideas, but I hardly ever actually write any stories. The idea of meeting with other people makes me want to write so I won't have to tell people I haven't been writing. It's a guilt thing I guess.
Maybe another challenge to myself this summer should be to write something every day. I can blog about whether or not I've written for the day, and if I don't, you guys have the right to scold me soundly in the comments box. I will start May 1, because writing picture books every day will count.

By the way, I haven't forgotten about my promised blog event. I want to do something with room decoration, but I'm not sure about the logistics of it. Maybe a weeklong series about creative decorating (including storage solutions), and we can all post pictures of our decorating style? Please, please let me know what you think. If you have a similar or better idea please let me know, I'm wide open to suggestions.


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