Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Busy week

This is a warning in advance that I may not find time to be on here much over the next week or two.

This is a picture of my planner for this week. Crazy, huh? I write all of my homework down so I can plan when to do it. It doesn't always work because I don't always do what I have scheduled to do so I fall behind.
I have a math test tomorrow! I haven't studied for it very much so I hope I do well. I understand the concepts, I just haven't gotten enough practice with them.
And, yes, those are motivational notes to myself written in the top margin. It actually helps. : )

Ah, I'm ready for summer! I'm excited about Make Believe, the Peter Pan inspired blog event at Wickfield, which will be going on in June. I just figured out this morning that I will actually be at Worldview Academy leadership camp that very week that the event is going on, but I am going to try to put together my posts beforehand and maybe my sister will put them up for me during the week.

Next week is Picture Book Month! If you haven't checked out my other blog about it, you should do that now, because it's going to be an insane amount of fun.


P.S. Just a few days left to vote on the blog event! "Accessories" was winning for awhile, but it looks like "hairstyles" is pulling ahead now.


Nina said...

Oh, I do hope you get a chance to participate, I have fun checking in on your blog! ;) I'm finding that summer's a good time because a lot of people will be free, but a lot will also be busy, too...

no one said...

I am giving you the Pure Heart Award! Come to my blog and copy it and post it on your blog.


Sangu said...

Just voted for 'Accessories'. Love that picture of your planner. Mine's almost exactly the same! Have to say, it's SO satisfying to tick off things on a to-do list!