Monday, April 26, 2010


My sister Darby over at Picklehopper Centre is having a giveaway. The challenge you have to do to be entered in the contest is... unique. I'm still laughing just thinking about it. Seriously. Let's just say you have to be creative and willing to laugh at yourself.
Still, it's fun, and the prize is so worth it! She is giving away three original paintings on canvas. She has such a unique style to her art, it's beautiful. She does pictures of people, usually in historical dress. I want them for my room! They would be nice in anyone's room.


P.S. I still can't stop giggling. Go read what the challenge is!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I know it is "unique". I'm really excited.

Grace said...

Dear Jane,
You gave a speech yesterday; am I right? Thank you so much for the sweet comment that you left on my blog. It really made me smile:D
I hope that your speech went really really REALLY well, and I was praying for you everytime I felt that pretesting anxiety too:)
Hope you are having a wonderful day, dear friend!
Sisters in Christ,