Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Midnight ramblings

It's late. I am trying to read an article. I'm supposed to write a 3-5 page analysis of this article by Wednesday morning. I am running out of time, but I am so sleepy. My eyes keep blurring the page and I forget what I'm reading. I keep getting on the computer for a "break" to keep myself awake, but in reality I haven't gotten much done because I'm spending all of my time procrastinating. If I can't get something done I need to go to sleep.

Have you ever read an entire paragraph and then realize you have no idea what it said?

I'm listening to Pandora Radio to keep myself awake, but a nice quiet song just came on... "Beauty From Pain" by Superchick.

Oh good, now a DC Talk song is on. I love them! They were my favorite band for a long time, before I discovered Jars of Clay and Switchfoot.

Little known fact about me: I can sing the rap parts of some of their songs. : )
I know rap isn't a hugely popular genre among my fellow bloggers, and I am not a huge fan myself of just straight rapping. I do like these little short bits that they do in the DC Talk songs though.

Ok, I am tired and I just keep rambling on about nothing. It's just about time for bed.

Yay! "Two Hands" by Jars of Clay is on. This is a good song.

I have a broken disposition;
I'm a liar who thirsts for the truth.
And while I ache for faith to hold me,
I need to feel the scars and see the proof...

Isn't that so true? We're so contradictory.

Romans 7:15
For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.

I shouldn't be this tired. I drank coffee at around 8:00. I know that was a silly thing to do, but I anticipated staying up late and writing this analysis. Instead I am still up late but I am too tired to write an analysis. Maybe I should go to bed now and get up early in the morning to write it.

Nanowrimo is in less than a week! I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I am afraid of failure, but not enough to stop me from attempting it, which is a good thing I guess. I finished on time twice before, but I wasn't in school then.

I like my idea but so far all I have is an idea and I haven't really made an outline or anything.

Ok, yes, I know I keep saying it's time for bed. Now I mean it.

If we were at a slumber party right now, (Let's pretend we are at a slumber party! We just got finished watching Rigoletto and we all cried at the ending. There is popcorn spilled on the floor and you forgot your toothbrush but you don't care because you're still snacking on oreos. Doublestuff mint oreos of course.) I would be that girl who is normally quiet but gets really wierd and talkative when she's sleepy. You know, the girl who won't stop talking to you when you're trying to go to sleep. I will stop now. : )



Georgianna Penn said...

LOL, I loved your sleepover. It was perfect. One of my best friend's is like that when she gets really tired. Thankfully I've learned to fall asleep while she's rambling, sometimes it even helps me sleep. The greatest part is she doesn't care. :)

NaNo is a week! I have a rather detailed idea, and the first 5 chapters outlined, but other then that...


Anonymous said...

I want some Double-Stuf Mint Oreos!