Friday, October 29, 2010

A Day in the Life

Good morning everyone! This morning my alarm was set for 6:30. I woke up then and decided I needed a bit more sleep, so I got up at 7:00 instead. I don't need to leave here until around 9:00. I may actually sleep a little more in a minute.

I am drinking a cup of coffee, of course, but for some reason it tastes a little weak today. I don't know what I did differently.

In case you are wondering where I am, I am at my Grandma's empty house. Since she goes to her house in Florida for the winter, she is letting me stay here while she's gone. I go home on the weekends, and stay here during the school week. Today is Friday which means that tonight I am going home!

I am now going to take a "nap" before I have to get ready to go. Today I have a chiropractor appointment, history class, and then work.

I will be jumping on here throughout the day, whenever I get a chance, to add to this little post. : )

Hi again! I meant to post again sooner than this, but I left my laptop at home so I couldn't.

Last night, me staring blankly at my computer bag on the couch. Purse in hand, shoes on feet, ready to walk out the door...
Me: Do I need my computer?
My brain: Well here is a list of everything you're doing tomorrow... *except for the Blogger thing*cough* why would you need your computer?
Me: Well, I usually regret not bringing it with me... but you're right, brain, I guess I won't need it. I'll just leave it here on the couch where I can't get it even if I do end up needing it.

Evil brain. Thanks a lot.

I had my chiropractor appointment, then went to school. Then I grabbed some lunch and came back here to eat it, and here I am. So, my morning was not very exciting. Are you regretting coming along on a day in my life? You should convince someone really interesting to do one of these posts.

Hey guess what? Every time I get on and see the counter on the home page I have a tiny little panic attack. I had a big panic attack a few minutes ago when I realized that my novel is set entirely at an exclusive university and I have never even been to a school other than community college so I have no idea what it's like! Does anyone have information about how school works- orientation, roommates, cafeteria, etc.?

Right now I'm going to get ready and go to work. I should be able to post something from work (on my break of course) so I'll see you later!

Hello there, this is me at work.

Earlier I saw the coolest person ever. I am serious, I think he may have been the coolest person ever. It was an older man, maybe in his sixties, thin, with glasses and a trim white beard. He was wearing a spiffy suit and a fedora and was riding a tiny red motorcycle. Not the big fat kind, but one of the ones that look like bicycles. He was cool.

One of my friends' family has been trying to adopt the little boy they've been caring for. They have had him since he was less than a year old but due to extenuating circumstances they were not allowed to adopt him until now. She just texted me and said that the adoption went through today, so I am so excited and happy for them.

Ok, my break's almost over, I will be back after work.

Home! I love home! There was a pan of corn muffins on the stove when I came in so I ate two of them and they were delicious. I love my family. They are the coolest people ever. Maybe even cooler than that guy I saw on his motorcycle.

We had frozen pizza for dinner and we put extra vegetables on top, and it was really yummy. Now I am sitting here writing this and my brother Kevin is reading it over my shoulder. Would you like to say anything Kevin?

Kevin: Hi.

There you have it.

Kevin and I are going to make a short film tomorrow. We are actually hoping to make a series and base it on all of the hilarious things that happen to us on a daily basis, because I think we are pretty funny people.

Ok, now I must do dinner dishes. Yay. I'll be back later. : )

Well, here it is. This thing that you just spent your time reading is pretty much an average day in my life right now. However, sometimes there are variables that make the day more interesting.

Yesterday we were at the grocery store and there was a big bin of funny looking gourds and tiny pumpkins. Kevin called me over to it and said "Look at the sign!" I looked at the sign and can you guess what it said? It said "FREE." My favorite word. I was so excited and I took a whole bag of free pumpkins. Some of them are for my older sister who has actually just been looking for small white pumpkins.

The other day I got to the library for work and I grabbed a cart to load books on to, and I saw something interesting on the bottom shelf. It was a tiny blue Lego! I don't know how it got there, but now it is my lucky blue Lego. Well, it was until I lost it.

One of the characters in my Nanowrimo novel is going to be a little bit of a nerd. He is a quantum physicist, very involved in his studies, so he must be somewhat geeky, but I also want him to be kind of cute in a nerdy way. So I told my siblings that if they see me staring at nerdy guys, it's because I'm trying to decide what my character is going to look like. When we were in the grocery store yesterday, I saw a guy who was just about perfect- not exactly handsome, but he looked really nice and serious and nerdy. So I turned to Darby (my little sister) and I said "I found him! Look behind me at the guy by the pumpkin bin." So she looked, but right at that precise moment he made a really funny face. I told her, "Never mind, don't look at him yet; wait until he stops making that face." And she laughed at me.

P.S. When I use the word "nerd," I mean it in a complementary way. I'm not walking around judging people to be nerds and making fun of them. There's just no other word I can think of to describe the type of guy I mean. : )

That's about all I have for now. I won't post this quite yet though, in case I think of something else I want to say.

We are getting ready to watch The Dick Van Dyke Show. I have to say, this show is one of my favorites. It is clean and funny and the clothes are amazing. I love Mary Tyler Moore's 60's outfits.

Hmm... I am tired. It was a long day, even though I didn't do much. Tomorrow I am going to sleep late. : )

I probably won't have anything else to say tonight, so I guess I will end this post now.

Thanks for coming along for a day in my life, hope you enjoyed it!



Amber Noella said...

Hehe, I like nerds. Well, they're just so cute when they mess up or stutter or try to open the door for you & end up knocking their face against it instead ;) True story.

Anonymous said...

What family adopted a boy? I don't know what your talking about. And I am NOT your "little sister". Younger? Maybe, but I am taller than you(by like a half an inch, but who cares, I am still taller than you.)

Anyway, nice post. :)


Anonymous said...

Heehee! Loved reading about your day. I even laughed!
I was in public school until second grade. I had a sweet old lady for k-12. She only threatened to use a ruler on us once. :) The students could be very disruptive at any time. Many of them are from divorced homes. In first grade, I had a nasty teacher who should have been teaching high school students. She yelled at us when the parents weren't looking. The principle and super intendent couldn't get her to retire for a few years. (The unions made it so they couldn't fire her.) My second grade teacher was alright. She did the best she could do but there just wasn't enough time for her to cover everthing.
School lunches were horrid. Jamie Oliver might have done quite a change to that by now though. Everything and everyone was in a line up. Two rows of students in the hall. First grade and second, k-12 always had lunch in their room. Then we'd filter into the cafeteria. Packers- those with packed lunches headed right in. Milk- those who just needed milk would go through the lunch line first. Then buyers- those taking the school lunchs would go through. They'd take their milk first, strawberry, chocolate, skim, one percent, or two percent. Then came your chose of food. Usually two choices.
Ask any questions you have. I'll see what I can tell you.
Can't wait to hear about your NaNo progress!

As for your post a while back about characters. My sister only came up with Rick Brant. It is an older series. I've never read them before.

Tarissa said...

Oh wow, if only the "coolest person" man read what you thought of him! Oh and the "nerdy guy" too... whatever kind of weird face he was making.. LOL! Anyways, I like nerds. Probably because I am one. Yay for me!