Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing and such

Last week, Tuesday, I was at work when I started jotting down notes for a new character. This character popped out at me, fully formed. Tuesday afternoon I started writing his first story. By Thursday, two days later, I had written ten pages. Today I made it to page sixteen.

So, yeah. That's what I've been doing instead of blogging. I'm really excited about it. I will tell you it has something to do with Nikola Tesla, academic scholarships, history, secrets, longevity, Area 51 and an abandoned mine.

Last week my brother and I went to see the new Jane Eyre movie! It was amazing. I promise a review is coming soon, I just haven't had the time.

Thanks for your continued readership through this spell of non-posting.


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Anonymous said...

I'm on my Mum's computer, so I can read your blog! ^.^ Your background and design is simply lovely.

And hurray for characters jumping randomly into one's head fully formed! What fun. ^.^