Friday, April 8, 2011


1. I carry a thesaurus in my purse, just in case.

2. I love Star Wars.

3. I have crocheted a Yoda doll and a mini ninja.

4. I know where the bathroom is located on the Millennium Falcon.

5. I could quote most of "The Princess Bride."

6. I have a black belt.

7. My only jobs so far have been in a library and tutoring.

8. I needed one "writing intensive" class. I've taken three so far.

9. I think Batman is the coolest superhero because he's a ninja.

10. I know how to spell the longest word in the English language. (Antidisestablishmentarianism.)

What are the 10 nerdiest things about you?

Sorry I've been absent from this blog. I've been busy with school and also working on a TV show script for ScriptFrenzy. Writing that has been the word dragon that's eaten all my free time.


Moe said...

Love this post! Haha. You are one awesomely nerdy person :).

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Definite nerd! :D But so am I! :D :D :D

The Director said...

That rocked. But you have to tell me where the bathroom is on the Falcon, because that's the ONE thing I don't know, lol. I DO know how many guns the Tantive IV has, but yeah....

Oooh, do we get to hear about your script?? (OO) Pretty please??

I'll have to do a nerdy list on my blog now ;)

Thea said...

Being a nerd is lovely. I didn't know that that was the longest word in the English language...