Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm still here

Hello again, fellow bloggers. (And anyone else who reads this blog but doesn't have one of their own.)

I am falling behind on my Nanowrimo word count. I have about 14,300 words so far, and the midway point is Monday. That means I am almost 10,000 words behind. I've decided not to worry about it too much. I will try to finish, but I can't make it a priority because I have so much going on.

I have an essay on Hamlet due Tuesday. Today I finally figured out which aspect I am going to write about, and I still can't figure out what exactly my thesis is. I'm going to write it tomorrow.

Also due on Tuesday is an argument essay. I am writing a response to the opposers of Nanowrimo, and an argument for why it is a valuable thing to try. Is it ironic that I am failing Nanowrimo because I'm busy writing a defense of it?

Going back to the progress of my novel, something unexpected has happened. My two main characters, Julie and Ned, have just travelled into a Sherlock Holmes story. Now I'm stuck. Moriarty has to escape, he gets out when they leave, I just don't know why they encounter him in the first place.

The problem is that it would make sense for them to talk to Sherlock. They are right outside his house, and Ned is searching for his missing father. It makes perfect sense that they would ask him for help, but it's not possible for my novel because if they see Sherlock, part of the mystery is revealed that isn't supposed to be revealed yet, and the rest of the story doesn't work.

Any ideas on how they could not see Sherlock and how they could get involved with Moriarty?

Another question: Would any of you be interested in reading an excerpt from this book? Let me know in the comments. I won't post one if nobody is interested.



Morgan J said...

I would love to read excerpt, it sounds cool. :D

What if, the MC's are going up the stairs to see Sherlock, and they meet Moriarty on the stairs, coming down. (I don't know why Moriarty would be seeing Holmes).

Or maybe, Moriarty has a trap set for Sherlock, and the MC's spring it, accidentally, before they get to meet Holmes.

I hope that helps,
Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh!!! Me! Me! Excerpt! I want one! YAY!


Faith said...

Whats and 'excerpt'? I probably want it too, though.

Marian said...

I'd like to read an excerpt!! :)

I'm not sure if I understand the plot correctly, but maybe Moriarty would meet Julie and Ned, and then he might somehow stop them from entering Holmes's house. Not sure how, though...

Michelle said...

You could have them not realize where they are at first, and Moriarty comes along and acts all friendly towards them and wants to help them...