Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New page

You may notice a new link at the top of this page called "Favorite Books." I suppose it is pretty self explanatory. It is my new list of favorite books. I have so many that I decided to make a page for them, so that I could share them with you. Also it will come in handy when people ask me what my favorite book is. I will just direct them to the page and they can see for themselves.

I am still feeling dull and uninspired, so today I will be doing the same type of post I did yesterday.

Outside it is... Dark.

Inside it is... Quiet. Air conditioned. Cozy.

I am hoping... That I will be able to find the books I need for school for a good price. On the school website they are about $60 each, for used copies. I have six required books this semester, which really adds up.

I am excited about... Going shopping with my Grandma this weekend.

I am disappointed... That I didn't get to watch the Robin Hood finale last night. We went swimming instead.

I want... Salad.

Tonight I am... Sleeping.


1 comment:

Sangu said...

Just read your list of favourite books, love them! A few of mine are on there.