Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Time is a tricky thing

Eveything is different now.

When I say "everything" I mean both the tangible and intangible, reality-based and imaginary... Blogger looks different, for one thing, and I feel strange coming back to it, like one of those days where you take a nap and when you wake up everything feels slightly wrong, like an alternate reality.

Putting Blogger aside, I feel like I am an alternate reality... I am such a different person now than I was when I started this blog, and yet I am the same. The person I am now contains the person I was then, but that is no longer eveything.

I live in a different city now, in an apartment. Near enough that I go home every weekend. I live in perpetual conflict of emotion--it feels really good to be independent, and to be in school again after a long summer, and to have a place that is my own. I also really miss my family.

I stopped using Blogger because I had become someone who didn't need it anymore. For quite awhile, I didn't have anything to say. Now, I think, I have things to say and not many people to whom to say them.

I wonder: do I still have followers? Will this post show up on anyone's dashboard? Do any followers I may have even remember who I am? Will I ever stop with the rhetorical questions?

Only time will tell.


-Bess- said...

Yes, Jane, I remember you! How could I forget? =) I'm so excited to hear about how you're on your own, too? How's it going {really & truly}? So glad to find you on Blogger again!

Tarissa said...

Hey, to answer your rhetorical questions... I'm still a follower! I haven't had time to check on my blogger dashboard as often as I would like, but when I do... you're still in there. :)