Monday, March 7, 2011

Jane Eyre trailer

Elise of Ribbons of Light already did a detailed review of this trailer a few months ago which was really excellent. I won't try to analyse every part of it, but just give my opinion on a few points.

1. It seems from the trailer that they have captured the mood of the novel really well. It is dark and mysterious before it is romantic. I like that the focus is not on their relationship, but on Jane herself.

Some people might think that Jane's character has been changed so that a modern audience can relate to it. From what it's showing here, that is not the case. Jane Eyre was an unusual heroine for her time, much more "modern" than you would think. At the time that it came out, people criticized the author for creating such a flawed character. Jane Eyre is strong in herself and she doesn't allow the other people in her life to rule her, which was not what heroines were usually like, especially in so-called gothic novels. (I will talk about this idea more later this week.)

2. As far as looks go, I think Jane is perfect. She is not exactly pretty, yet there is something about her that makes you look twice. Her character shines through and makes her seem pretty.

Mr. Rochester is perhaps too handsome. However, "handsome" is a matter of opinion, and he is rugged-looking. It also looks like his teeth may be slightly crooked. He seems to have the attitude of Mr. Rochester down, and that's the most important thing. I think he will do well.

St. John Rivers is only shown briefly in this clip, but with him I am disappointed. St. John is supposed to look perfect. He is supposed to have a chiseled face and blond hair and look similar to a classic Greek god. Why did they choose to make him unattractive?

Perhaps it is too hard to show Jane's reasons for refusing him through film. If he were too good-looking, the audience would care about him a little more (sad but probably true.) I still think they could have gotten away with it though if they had made him handsome but cold, the complete opposite of Mr. Rochester. (I always imagined St. John looking like Orlando Bloom.)

All this being said, I love Jamie Bell as an actor and I'm happy he is in the film. I just don't personally think he was right for the part.

3. Not one shot of Pilot, not even when she first meets Mr. Rochester in the lane. I sure hope he is in this movie. No glimpses of Adele either.

What do you think of this trailer? Will you be seeing the movie?



Marian said...

I'm going to wait to read some reviews before I go see it, but it looks great! A little too action-packed for me, though. :P

I agree, Mia is perfect as Jane. She's about the right age, too, for once. I saw her in Alice in Wonderland; not a fan of that movie, but she was pretty good.

Hm, actually I think St John is more handsome than Rochester! :) I think Jane is pretty, too, in her own way.

The costumes are great, too!

Elizabeth said...

I loved Elise post on this! I am quite exited to see this movie someday! I think that it does capture the mood of the novel very well, and I like how it focuses on Jane because that is what the book focused on, her life.

I very much agree that Jane was a very modern character for her time. She was quite a shock to society of her time.(in the book and to reader at the time when Charlotte Bronte was a live) Over all I am very pleased with this Jane Eyre.


Georgianna Penn said...

Oh yes, I want to see this movie. Very much so.

As for Jamie Bell... I believe he's perfect for every part he plays. ;) Okay, maybe not, but he is one of my favorite actors of all time and I was thrilled to see he was going to be in it. Along with Judi Dench and Mia (not even going to try and spell her last name right now). All three are just AH-maz-ING.

Elinor Dashwood said...

I can't wait to see this movie! I agree, the trailer does seem to capture the mood of the book.