Friday, February 18, 2011

Pride and Prejudice again

I may be posting a secondary review to Pride and Prejudice 2005 in a few days. You may remember when I posted my first review and was quite harsh towards the movie, listing everything I didn't like about it.

Well, I have this friend who I've known for a long time. I usually trust her judgment about movies and she's introduced me to some really good ones. While I don't love all the movies she shows me, I can usually understand why she likes it and appreciate the movie for that reason.

Her favorite movie ever is Pride and Prejudice 2005.

So, here's the thing: I really hated this movie the first time I saw it, but I am willing to try to appreciate it. I think it will help that I am going to watch it again with someone who loves it so much and has valid reasons for loving it.

Thinking back to my first review, I still agree with everything I said. However, I think I overlooked some good qualities that the movie has and focused on the negative. I had a rather bad attitude about it because I was angry with the filmmakers for "ruining" one of my favorite stories.

This time around I am going to only look for the good things in the movie and see if I can gain an understanding and appreciation for it. It may not be perfect, but no adaption is. The only perfect adaption is the movie that plays in your head when you read the book, and there is no way to capture that.

So be on the lookout for my new, positive review of Pride and Prejudice 2005. : )


P. S. If you haven't read and voted for my short story yet, please consider doing so. The winner's story will be published and that would be cool. : )


The Director said...

I LOVED your short story.... how do you vote????

Hannah said...

Your short story was so sweet!! I don't know how to vote for it though...

Hannah said...

Oh nevermind, I found it and voted!

The Director said...

Where? Where? Where is the vote button?