Thursday, February 3, 2011

More paintings

Here are a few of my paintings that I did awhile ago. They are similar to the one in my last post, but these I did on pieces of cardboard because I didn't have any canvas.

No, they are not perfect, but they will be joining the first picture on my sidebar.


Grace said...

Oh, wow!!! Those are pretty and pretty impressive!:) I could not do half as good a job!:)


Thea said...

Two things;
1. How can you say you're not creative?
2. I'm sensing a theme in your pictures.
3. These are awesome, good job!


Georgianna Penn said...

I seriously love your paintings. <3 I think the first one in this post is my favorite. Although, I really like the very first one you posted to.

Anonymous said...

Those are really pretty! :D