Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The case for pajamas

Today I am going to be one of those people I said I would never be... the type that wears their pajama pants to class.

As this plan breaks several of my self inflicted fashion rules, (Including "Never wear pajama pants in public") I naturally feel the need to justify the decision.

Excuse Reason 1. My pajama pants are really, really comfortable. They are the most awesome pajama pants in the world. These are the pants I got for Christmas and didn't change out of for four days afterwards. These are the pants I wore the entire time on our drive to Florida. One day when I had them on, they were so cozy that they prompted me to exclaim, "I love these pants! I want to marry these pants!" Which is obviously hyperbole, but caused my brother to laugh at me all the same.

2. These pants are a solid neutral gray. No patterns or hearts or bunnies to draw attention to them. They go with the rest of my outfit.

3. They are a nice light thin fabric, but they are surprisingly warm.

4. My next class is at 8pm. That's practically bedtime. I think after a certain time of day everyone should wear pajamas.

5. I wore them to take a nap today and I am reluctant to change out of them. This is the real reason I'm justifying this action. They are just so comfy I don't want to change. : )

So, there you have my case for the pajama pants.

Are there any fashion rules you usually follow but occasionally break? What are they, and what excuses do you give yourself?


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