Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ask me questions!

Today I woke up early to work on my Hamlet essay. Nope, it's still not done. I am getting weary of reading Hamlet now. I love it, but it's beginning to not be fun anymore.

I then went to my second-to-last history class. We are still talking about Vietnam. I hope the teacher will be able to get through the rest of the material in the next lecture. There's not too much left, but she tends to go into detail instead of getting through. We've been behind schedule for most of the semester.

After that I ran to the store, started making cinnamon pie, ran back to the store because I forgot the butter, finished making cinnamon pie, watched Psych on tv and ate a piece of cinnamon pie.

These particular cinnamon pies are for a class tomorrow. In creative writing we are having a pizza party instead of a final exam. Isn't that cool?

I keep realizing that my posts on here are increasingly dull and journal-like. I haven't been reading much because of school. Well, I've been reading Hamlet. Would you guys like a Hamlet post? What would you want to know about Hamlet? A Hamlet post is actually not a bad idea. It would give me the oppourtunity to talk about Hamlet in a less formal way. I'll think about it.

You know what it's time for? I need topics, and you have questions.

Ask me questions!

Preferably questions that won't require research or much deep thinking to answer, please, it is finals week.

Now it's up to you to make sure this blog stays interesting! Ask me anything, and I will try to give you creative and hopefully entertaining answers.



Marian said...

Pizza party? I wish I could convince my math teacher to do the same. :D

I don't think your blog is dull at all! I've been busy with school, too, but the only posts I've come up with are mostly photos. ;) I'd love to hear what you think of Hamlet. I never did finish reading it...

Georgianna Penn said...

Dear Miss Jane. I have tried several times to get into Shakespeare and have failed miserably. You seem to (aside from when you have to write and essay on it) enjoy his works. How in heavens name do you suggest one to get into Shakespeare, and do you think that for some people it's just best not to?

Thank you,
The Want to be Shakespeare Lover ;)