Monday, December 13, 2010

81 places mapped

I was looking at my blog and I just noticed this map at the bottom of the page. I had forgotten about it. Look at all the different places that have visited my blog! That is so cool. I wonder how many of them read my blog and how many were just random, accidental page views. That one dot way up there in Russia somewhere was probably just a random page view. I wonder if the one in Australia is a real blog reader?

I have always wanted to travel. When I was younger I thought it was my destiny to be a photographer for National Geographic and travel the world and have all kinds of adventures. In reality I get motion sick in any kind of vehicle, I am picky about food preparation and I do not know how to pack light. Also, I am not a photographer.

So I guess travelling for a living isn't my destiny, but I still would like to see other places in this world before I die. It's strange to me that I have never been overseas at all when it is not too difficult to get a plane ticket.

Someday I will travel. I want to experience different cultures, not just be a tourist. I would love to rent a flat in London or Paris and just immerse myself in a different world for awhile.

In the meantime, I am content with my hometown, and I will share my plain midwestern life with whoever in the world wants to read about it.

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Tarissa said...

That's a lot of places mapped out!
I like to keep up with my blog readers too, and which countries they are from. I login to Blogspot, click on "Stats" next to my blog name and it tells a bunch of things! Really interesting. I even found out that someone has looked at my site from their iPod!