Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catch a Falling Star

The other night my brother and I pulled an old tattered mattress onto the driveway and
watched for falling stars. It was a slightly overcast night, so we didn't see very many. I think we probably missed some when we got distracted finding shapes in the clouds. We saw a turkey wearing a hat with a huge plume, a wolf trying to eat a star (it got away), and a dog laying down and howling at the moon, among other things.
The few shooting stars we did see were so incredible it was worth the wait. Sometimes God gives us glimpses of His majesty through creation. He is so evident in things we count as ordinary, do we really deserve it when he gives us these special events? How easy is He going to make it for us to see Him before we do?
Anyway, the highlight of the evening was when Mom came walking out unexpectedly and scared us to death. We were staring up into the sky, talking about the likelihood of animal attacks and alien spaceships, and all of a sudden there was something looming over us. We both screamed.

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