Friday, August 21, 2009

Anne with an "e"

I have been watching Anne of Green Gables once again. That is a fantastic movie. I think Megan Follows is the ideal Anne.
These pictures, however, are from the Sequel. The clothes on this movie are stunning. I have never been a huge fan of the Edwardian era, with their ridiculous puffed sleeves and big hair, but some of it is quite lovely.
I love the sleeves on the gown to the left with that deep lace cuff. The puffs on that one are not inordinately large, and really aren't puffed so much as gathered. That little lace cravat looks really pretty. I think it's pinned on actually.
I can't figure out what to call the jacket she is wearing in the picture on the right. I like it with the long sleeved white shirt, though. Her brooch looks nice, too. I wish I could see it better. I think I like this outfit better than the other one. It is simpler and the hair is more tasteful, by modern standards at least.

This picture is my new favorite picture ever. I have set it as my computer background in fact. I adore both of their outfits in this picture. Her outfit is just perfect, and parts of it could easily be adapted for modern wear. I especially love her little pin-on watch and that tiny champagne colored bow on her blouse. I need a hat like that. This is by far my favorite complete outfit of hers in this movie. I like bits and pieces of her other outfits, but this one is perfect in its entirety.
And Gilbert looks so handsome. I like Gilbert from the book better than movie Gilbert, but he grows on me more and more every time I watch it. I need to find my brother a vest and watch chain like this one.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I like all three pictures too, though the top left one has some very bad hair. I like the bottem pictures too, and both their vests are very nice. I also like the little bow and watch on her outfit, that you talked about. I like her hat and she could do nothing to her outfit to make any better. I absulutly adore the top right picture, too. It is almost sort of modern the way the sleeves overlap. I actuelly love the sleeves on the firt picture, but, like i said, I cant believe her hair. I agree with all your comments!

Your loving sister, Doodle