Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sibling Telepathy

Apparently the inspiration for the Beatles's song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds recently died. The following is a conversation Kevin and I had afterward. And, no, Kevin hadn't heard anything about it before I told him. I think he can read my mind.

Me: Hey, did you hear that Lucy died?

Kevin: Really?

Me: No.

Kevin: Oh, you mean

Me: No. Not any Lucy you're thinking

Kevin: Oh, I know who you mean; Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!

Another instance happened in the car the other day. Kevin was trying to think of a certain song that a contestant on American Idol sang once a couple seasons back.

Me, vaguely: Was it that one song...? You know...

Kevin: No, not that one.

It's a little creepy how well we can tell what the other is thinking.

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Becca said...

That's what best friends do! So cool. :)